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  • §5,000 will be added to the household bank the first time they join Arborndale.
  • Loans must be taken out to solve money problems.
  • Pets are not a must but are encouraged.
  • Birthday parties are a must for every birthday.
  • If only one parent of the child is a Supernatural Sim then there is a 50/50 chance of passing it down to said child.
  • If both parents are Supernatural Sims then their child will also be a Supernatural.
  • If the parents are different Supernatural Sims then it will be a flip of a coin to decide which Supernatural power the child will inherit.
  • Marriage is not a must. If a Sim fears it marriage can be ignored.
  • A trip out is required at least once each round for every household.
  • No money cheats.
  • Each round must last 7 days. The round will end at 8:00am on Monday of the following week.
  • Aspirations, Turn ons and gender preference must all be random.
  • Each household must have at least one child to take over the family name.
  • Adoption is allowed but they can’t inherit.
  • Only males can inherit the family name and only the first born ones can stay in the house.
  • If no males are born then that family name must be retired as soon as soon as the previous generations pass on.
  • When College is unlocked only the Sim who is going to inherit the family is allowed to go. Females and spare Males are not allowed to go to college and must age straight into adults.
  • After Vacations are unlocked, households are not allowed to go until the youngest child is old enough to join.
  • Marrying playable Sims from Bluewater Village or any of the Universities is forbidden. Recognizable townies are also banned for marriage.
  • Marrying/Dating Young Adults is forbidden unless the Sim themselves is a Young Adult.
  • If a Townie is moved in and they are already employed they must quit their job to find a brand new one, not matter what level they have been at.
  • The first girl born in every family will become the Bad Apple. They will be uncontrollable until they move out and you can then only control them until she finds someone to move in with her. Then she once against becomes uncontrollable until she passes on.
  • Each life stage the Bad Apple will have a certain amount of commands that they can use. When they’ve used up all their commands they no longer can be controlled until they grew up:

Toddler: 1

Child: 4

Teenager: 8

Adult: 10

Elder: 4

  • A penalty will be issued if any of these forbidden objects/actions are used. A dice will be rolled to decide on the penalty that can include the entire household or just the Sim who broke the rules:

Abducted by Aliens - The Sim who committed the crime must be the one to get abducted.

Re-Roll - The Sim who committed the crime must have their aspirations, Turn ons and Turn off all re-rolled.

Removal of Item - This only counts if an item was used to commit a forbidden act. If it has then that item will be removed if not then you must re-roll.

Isolation - The Sim who committed the crime is put in isolation for the entire round. As soon as the round is finished the Sim may return back to the family.

No Electric - All Electrical items in the house, excluding phones, stoves and fridges, are to be stored in your inventory. For the entire round the household is to run without electric. As soon as Monday rolls around all items may be placed back in the house.

Sickness - The Sim who committed the crime has come down with something. A dice must be used to decide which sickness the Sim has come down with.


Mini Challenges:

  • Stupid SPD – With no Captain Hero the police in Arborndale are going on duty with no formal training. As such burglars are running around freely with no sign of them ever being caught. (Top the Law Enforcement career track to unlock burglar alarms)
  • Charcoal and Kitchen Fires – There are no chiefs in Arborndale which mean no cooking shows and no cook books. Sims are teaching themselves to cook through trial and error, mostly error though. (Top the Culinary career track to unlock smoke alarms)
  • Sickness and Death – No hospitals and no doctors mean only one thing, no medicine. Sickness is running freely through Arborndale and not even magical cures can stop it. (Top the Medicine career track to unlock the ability to cure sickness with spells, the science career reward or Grandma's Comfort Soup)
  • 1+1=3? – No one expected Arborndale to grow as quickly as it did, as such no Education system was ever created. The founders of this town are passing down what they can but they can only teach so much. (Top the Education career track to unlock public schools, private schools and college)
  • Exercise leads to injury – No hospitals means it’s not safe for Sims to exercise on their own anymore. After all, if you get injured who is going to make you better? (Top the Athletic career track to unlock basketball Hoops, Soccer Nets, Jogging, Playing Catch, Tossing the Football, Working out in front of the Stereo, Working out in front of the TV, Yoga, Kicky Bag, Using the Ballet Bar, Performing Tai Chi, Fitness Equipment on Home Lot, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Playing Golf, Axe Throwing Log Rolling and going for Hikes.)
  • Dancing is exercise?! – Yes this may shock you to know but dancing does count as exercise. So you know where I’m going with this right? (Top the Dance career track to unlock Classical Dancing, Slow Dancing, Hula Dancing, Slap Dancing, Fire Dancing, Break Dancing, Entering a Dance Contest, Singing a Folk Song, and working at a DJ booth.)
  • Bugs, stars and the dangers of them – Do you know what bugs are poisonous and what ones are friendly? What about the difference between a bee and a hornet? Can you tell when a satellite is about to fall on you? Of course, you can’t and neither can anyone else in Arborndale either. (Top the Science career track to unlock Workbenches, Bug Hunting, Ant Farms, Searching for Planets, Searching for Constellations, Searching for UFOs, Stargazing from the ground and Stargazing with a Sim.)
  • Unexplored Territory – Why would you want to go there? You don’t know who’s living there, what animals are there if there’s food there or even if the weather is safe enough for travel. It’s best just to stay home instead of going on vacation. (Top the Adventure career track will unlock vacations for everyone)
  • The problems about going into businesses – It’s a messy world out that. You’re already having problems running your household so why would you want to add a community lot to those problems? (Top the Businesses career track to unlock the ability to buy community lots and open Home Businesses. This will also allow Sims to travel to Bluewater Village, and make the shoppers become eligible for marriage.)
  • Tone Deaf Residents – Music is a thing of the past for the founders of Arborndale. Due to the different atmosphere, the next generation is being born tone deaf. With no access to the main lands and no musicians around the town, no child wants to learn how to play anything. Arborndale sure is missing something when it comes to sound. (Top the Music career track to unlock musical instruments, karaoke machines, microphone and xylophones for toddlers.)
  • Going further than a Paintbrush – Painting and drawing are something all Sims in Arborndale know how to do, after all, it’s good way to make some much-needed cash. Any further is just a dream leftover from the founders. (Top the Artist career track to unlock Sewing, Pottery, the Drafting Table and the Digital Camera)
  • Updating your Games – For so long the only type of gaming technology was the outdated games consoles that came with the Founders so long ago. Everything else is just a rumour in Arborndale from the mainland. (Top the Gaming career track to unlock Pinball Machines, Arcade Machines, Train Tracks, Electric Cars, Electric Helicopters, Photo booths, Mobile Phones and Portable Game Consoles.)
  • Dealing with Death – Making deals with the Grim Reaper seems like a bad idea, doing it with nothing but bit bravery is just stupid. (Top the Paranormal career track to unlock resurrections, the ability to beg for a Sims life, the ability to cure Supernatural lifestyles and the use of Genie Lamps)
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