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Resident Summary

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Oscar King is every bit a hopeless romantic. Being a lover of sappy movies, cheesy one-liners and always making a heavy move too soon makes finding love difficult for poor Oscar. Maybe things will look up in Arborndale?
Name: Oscar King
Personality: 2/10/4/4/5

Star Sign: Leo
Aspiration: Romance/Knowledge
LTW: Become Chief of Staff
Turn Ons: High Charisma Skill & Werewolves
Turn Off: Hats
Preference: Male & Female

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Okay so maybe insulting that Grand Vampire wasn’t such a great idea, but how was Evelyn to know that it would lead up to her and her identical twin being exiled? Grace doesn’t really care for his sister’s excuses; she just wants to earn enough money so she can get away from her.

Name: Grace Palmer                                                                                                         Name: Evelyn Palmer
Personality: 2/8/5/8/2                                                                                                                 Personality: 5/3/3/9/5
Star Sign: Taurus                                                                                                              Star Sign: Taurus
Aspiration: Knowledge/Pleasure                                                                            Aspiration: Family/Grilled Cheese
LTW: Marry off 6 Children                                                                                       LTW: Woohoo 20 Different Sims
Turn Ons: Brown Hair/Servos                                                                                  Turn Ons: Make-Up/Glasses
Turn Off: Make-Up                                                                                                        Turn Off: Red Hair
Preference: Male                                                                                                     Preference: Women
                                                                                                                                         Supernatural: Vampire

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During his graduation party Sam Bachelor learnt why Cowplant Cake, the Grim Reaper Phone and Juice do not mix. Lucky for him his fiancé, now husband, still loved him despite his new Zombiism. Paisley just wished they would keep their love making to the bedroom.

Name: Paisley Silverheart                                                                       Name: Micah Silverheart
Personality: 3/8/1/7/6                                                                                 Personality: 3/6/6/5/5
Star Sign: Libra                                                                                              Star Sign: Gemini
Aspiration: Romance/Family                                                                        Aspiration: Pleasure/Grilled Cheese
LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef                                                        LTW: Become a Captain Hero
Turn Ons: Stink/High Employment                                                          Turn Ons: Fatness/Jewellery
Turn Off: Servos                                                                                         Turn Off: Stink
Preference: Straight                                                                                        Preference: Gay

Name: Sam Silverheart
Personality: 7/7/5/3/2
Star Sign: Aries
Aspiration: Family/Pleasure
LTW: Own 5 Top-Level Businesses
Turn Ons: Formal Wear/Jewellery
Turn Off: Glasses
Preference: Male
Supernatural: Zombie

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Miles Velazques will happily claim the tightly of nerd any day but underneath that pink shirt is a man willing to protect his broken hearted twin until she’s back on her feet. Ginger didn’t know what she did to deserve someone like Miles but maybe she can repay by helping him find someone here in Arborndale?

Names: Miles Velazquez                                                                Names: Ginger Velazquez
Personality: 6/6/4/6/3                                                                   Personality: 4/5/5/4/7
Star Sign: Taurus                                                                         Star Sign: Cancer
Aspiration: Romance/Fortune                                          Aspiration: Fortune/Grilled Cheese
LTW: Become a Hall a Famer                                               LTW: Become a Space Pirate
Turn Ons: Glasses/Servos                                             Turn Ons: Blonde Hair/High Cooking Skill
Turn Off: Full Face Make-Up                                                             Turn Off: Stink
Preference: Males                                                                    Preference: Male

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Being made a werewolf should have made Asher’s life easier but it seemed to do the opposite. A complete coward and a bit of a cry baby Asher seemed to be more like a puppy than a werewolf much to his embarrassment.

Name: Asher Strider
Personality: 1/4/7/8/5
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Pleasure/Family
LTW: Become the Mayor
Turn Ons: Formal wear/High Cleaning Skill
Turn Off: High Knowledge Skill
Preference: Women
Supernatural: Werewolf

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Courtney Puckett is a Witch because that’s what her entire family is. When a Puckett turns into an adult they have to leave home to find themselves and Courtney found herself in Arborndale. Can this young Witch pull her head out of her plants long enough to see the world outside her greenhouse?

Name: Courtney Puckett
Personality: 4/7/2/8/4
Star Sign: Taurus
Aspiration: Romance/Knowledge
LTW: To Become a Mad Scientist
Turn Ons: Fatness/Underwear
Turn Off: Formal wear
Preference: Male & Female
Supernatural: Witch






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