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Something that popped into my head as I was playing the Sparrows. As I've said I'm never going to add plot to this legacy but that doesn't stop me from thinking up small little scenes.
So every time I think of a drabble I'll just add it here. Enjoy!

Title: Goggles
Summary: There wasn’t a deep meaning to the goggles but when Ashton put them on they felt right.
Word Count: 279
Characters: Ashton Sparrow & Neil Sparrow
Notes: Spoilers for Generation 3 Chapters!

Ashton was exploring the house when he found them. They were sitting in the corner in Angel’s room, chucked there after wearing them with a costume on Halloween.

Carefully on his unsteady legs Ashton made his way over to them before plopping down on the ground with a small huff.

Sticky, stubby fingers reached out and grabbed hold of the glass lenses carelessly as the strap dangled down in the air.

Staring at them with curious electric blue eyes Ashton remembered how Papa had put them over Angel’s head so they rested over his eyes.

Clumsily Ashton pulled the strap over his head and placed the glass over his eyes. He whined though as the world suddenly gained a light blue tint and the toddler quickly pushed them off his eyes until they rested in his hair.

Blinking Ashton patted his head as his red hair adjusted to the new addition. That felt strangely right. It wasn’t affecting his vision nor touching his sensitive ears.

Happy with his new discovery Ashton giggled as he started working to get himself to his feet. He squealed though as a pair of hands went under his arms and lifted him in the air.

“What are you doing in here, Ash? You know Angel doesn’t like it when you come in his room.” Daddy lectured as Ashton was turned around to face him and the toddler smiled widely. Fingers patted Neil’s cheek clumsily as he babbled away in a language only he could understand.

Smiling indulgently as his son talked away Neil noticed the goggles resting in Ashton’s hair but made no move to remove them.

They strangely seemed to suit him anyway.

Title: Bad Luck
Summary: No matter what he did, something always went wrong. But at least Papa was there to make things better.
Word Count: 350
Characters: Angel Sparrow & Phoenix Sparrow
Notes: Spoilers for Generation 3 Chapters!

Sniffing Angel Sparrow trudged his way home soaking wet and covered in scratches and bruises. A simply bike ride with his friends had turned bad as a rock got lodged into his wheel sending him flying into a nearby creek.

His bike broken Angel had no choice but to walk home and the rain that was pouring down wasn’t helping. It was just normal bad luck that seemed to follow the child everywhere.

Rubbing his watery green eyes with his arm Angel walked up to the front and easily opened it already hearing the sound of Papa cooking away in the kitchen.

“I’m home.” Angel called out quietly as he kicked off his trainers before starting to work off his soaking wet jacket. There was no answer from the kitchen so Angel just assumed he wasn’t heard.

Deciding not to bother announcing his arrival once more Angel prepared to go upstairs and sulk in his room. At least until a warm towel was dropped on his head. Blinking in shock Angel made to turn around before a pair of hands started rubbing the towel over his hair.

“WAH!” Angel cried out as he was rocked side to side from the force before he fell over with a small huff.

“Papa!” Angel whined as he heard his Papa’s familiar chuckle before he was pulled into a firm but loving hug. The smell of bread and cheese, which seemed to cling to Papa even when he hadn’t cooked, was familiar and relaxing. Pressing himself closer Angel allowed his Papa to wash away all his worries and sadness.

“Another bad one huh? How about you come and have something to eat with me? I just made a fresh batch and I’m sure we got some hot chocolate in the cupboard.” Papa suggested and Angel nodded but didn’t move from his position. Papa’s hugs were rare after all.
Looking down at his eldest son Phoenix allowed his crooked smile to appear as he ran a hand through a hand through his light blonde hair. He guessed his sandwiches could wait for a few minutes.

Title: Observe
Summary: Apollo has always been more of an observer than interactor. He found he learned a lot more things watching the world instead of interacting with it.
Word Count: 573
Characters: Apollo Sparrow
Notes: Spoilers for Generation 3 Chapters!

Apollo Sparrow has always been an observer. With thoughtful electric blue eyes he watched the world move around him, slowly following behind at his own pace.

He found he learned a lot more when he was merely watching, instead of interacting.

Like, for example, that Tina Traveller has not left Luna Lake since she and her parents moved here when she was a child. All though now that her adoptive brother Trey is a child the family will be going to Takemizu Village next week.

There was also Timothy Goodie, the eldest of 3 sons that the elderly Goodie couple took into their home. Even though he loves both Mr and Mrs Goodie a part of him is embarrassed by how old they actually are.

Aaral Ramaswami was another person that Apollo likes to observe when he can. A happy and incredible beautiful child she finds herself overshowed sometimes by her younger twin sisters, Lalita and Lucia. Despite the fact it’s very clear her that Mr and Mrs Ramaswami love their daughters equally.

It’s something that Apollo has never experienced to be honest. He knows he’s loved by both his father's and his siblings. To see it happen to another family is fascinating to him.

He would have expected something similar to happen to the Ottomas, but despite having so many children the family was comfortable with each other. The outside world on the other hand weren’t very comfortable around them. Sharla was rebel, Tommy preferred to hide in the shadows and Edward and Emily were obvious signs of ADHD sufferers.

Apollo could understand the struggle with that. Both Angel and Artemis suffered from Asperger Syndrome, Amina was heavily dyslexic and then there was himself. While there was nothing physically or mentally wrong with him the fact he remains silent is considered enough to be diagnosed as mute.

Alec understands. Alec always understands.

The Newson siblings were another group that Apollo found himself observing. They, like the Goodie brothers, had been adopted by an elderly couple. Unfortunately that couple passed away much sooner than any of them had expected leaving the 6 children all alone. Honestly the only reason Social Services hadn’t interfered is because both Ginger and Gavin did a good job taking care of them.

Some things you can’t learn at school though. That’s what the hikes with Daddy came in. Being a Plantsim, he tries to get out as much as possible and Apollo is happy to tag along.

He learned of the Landgraab heir being born, even though Malcolm IV did have twin daughters who were just a bit older than Apollo himself. The poor boy had been named the creative name of Malcolm V.

He learned that the Ramirez family had fixed their relationship, sorted out their home furniture store and added twin boys to the family. Carlos and Nicholas Ramirez are being praised as savours of their parent’s relationship. There’s also suspicion that Mrs Ramirez might be pregnant once more.

The most shocking news was to hear that cat manic Tara Kat had actually found someone to settle down with, and got twins out of the deal. Felicia and Leo had just turned toddlers and are the apple of their mothers’ eyes.

So yes people can moan, tease and bully him about his more silent approach on life. But Apollo has proof that his way works better.

Good luck trying to get that out of him though.


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